Become a patient

Are you within the Area to be able to register?

We are only able to accept registrations within the certain catchment area, if you wish to register with the Practice, please see below the Map of Areas within the catchment.

Check The Map Of Area

Full Registration

If you wish to register with us here at the Roxton Practice, we have 3 Practices based at different Sites. Our Sites are based at, Immingham, Grimsby and Keelby.

Each of our Practice Sites do have their own Catchment Boundary Area, however please do not worry if your location does not show in the surroundings of this catchment. Please do still register at your chosen site closest to you, our Registration Team will be in contact if there are any further questions or problems.

Please choose the most likely site you will use below and complete your registration.

Will this be Grimsby, Keelby or Immingham?


Weelsby View Health Centre, Grimsby –

The Health Centre, Keelby –

Pilgrim Primary Care Centre, Immingham –



Third-party consent form

Disclaimer: Please ensure that you provide photographic identification from the patient and the third-party.

Consent forms are valid for a rolling 2 year period and may be updated with verbal consent from the patient. On expiration of the consent without updating of consent recorded a new form will need to be completed.

Disclaimer: You will need not be notified upon expiration of the Consent, this is individual responsibility to ensure consent is updated appropriately.


Download the form here: Third-party Consent Form

Safe Surgeries

We are happy to support Safe Surgeries, this means that everyone living in the UK is entitled to register and consult with a GP. It means we can prevent and treat illness early and create a healthier society for everyone.

You can find more information about Safe Surgeries by clicking here