NHS Targeted Lung Health Check Programme

The NHS Targeted Lung Health Check Programme aims to help diagnose lung cancer at an earlier stage, when treatment may be simpler and more successful.


Thousands of people across North East Lincolnshire could benefit from free NHS Targeted Lung Health Checks, which can act as an MOT for your lungs and help detect any problems early when they can be easier to treat.
The Programme is being delivered in phases across North East Lincolnshire, starting in Immingham in February 2023, and is open to people aged 55 – 74 who are past or current smokers. This is because people in this group can be at a higher risk of developing lung related illnesses.
Anyone eligible for a free Lung Health Check will receive an invite from their GP to take part in an initial 20-minute telephone consultation, which looks at family history, lifestyle, and any breathing issues. If any risks are identified, they’ll then be invited for a low dose CT scan on a mobile unit. The scans only take a few seconds and units are in convenient, easily accessible community settings, such as supermarket car parks, making it quick and easy to attend.
If you or someone you know receives an invitation, it’s important that the offer is taken up as some conditions, such as lung cancer, don’t display any symptoms until a later stage. Many people find their lungs are okay, but for some, a Lung Health Check can help find any problems early and at a stage when treatment can be simpler and more successful.
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Raising Awareness  


  • There are often no signs or symptoms of lung cancer at an early stage. As a result, sadly around 7 in 10 cancer patients are currently being diagnosed too late to be cured.
  • NHS Targeted Lung Health Checks help find problems early (often before you notice anything is wrong) and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful – ultimately saving more lives.
  • Approximately only 2 in 100 people checked will be diagnosed with lung cancer. If you are diagnosed, attending a check could have saved your life.
  • It’s important to attend a Lung Health Check even if you feel fine as some conditions don’t display symptoms until later stages.
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of lung cancer, don’t wait to be invited to a Lung Health Check appointment to see a healthcare professional. Instead, get in touch with your GP.
FAQ'S - click here for information and answers to frequently asked questions relating to the NHS Targeted Lung Health Check Programme