Statement of intent

The Roxton Practice – Statement of Intent for IT services

New contractual requirements came into force on 1st April 2014 requiring all GP practices to achieve certain IT requirements and publicise their plan in the form of a Statement of Intent by 30th September 2014.  These requirements should be achieved by 31st March 2015.

The Roxton Practice is pleased to announce that we shall achieve the requirements before the 31st March 2015 deadline.

  1. Referral Management
  2. Electronic Appointment Booking
  3. Online Prescription Ordering
  4. Summary Care Record
  5. GP2GP transfers
  6. Patient Access to Records

Referral Management

All Roxton Practice clinical correspondence now includes the NHS Number as the primary identifier whether in electronic form or otherwise, except in circumstances where the NHS Number cannot be ascertained, such as when a patient is seen urgently at home.

Electronic Appointment Booking

The Roxton Practice now offers the facility to book, view, amend, cancel and print appointments online.  Patients already registered for online repeat prescription ordering will automatically have this facility.  Patients wishing to take advantage of this facility should visit reception with a current form of photo ID.

Online Prescription Ordering

Roxton Practice patients have been benefiting from this service for quite some time now and are able order online, view and print a list of their repeat prescriptions for necessary drugs, medicines or appliances.

Summary Care Records

GP practices are required to enable successful automated uploads of any changes to patient’s summary information, at least once every working day to the Summary Care Record (SCR).

Having your summary care record available will help anyone treating you without your full medical record.  They will have access to information about any medication you may be taking and any drugs you have a recorded allergy or sensitivity to.

The Roxton Practice is already live with the Summary Care Record and can confirm that successful daily uploads are made.
If you not wish to have a Summary Care Record available please contact reception so that we may update your records.  Please ask for an ‘Opt out’ form.

GP2GP record transfers

GP2GP record transfers are the electronic transfer of patient medical records between doctor’s practices.  This is how your record is transferred when moving GP surgery.  This ensures that your new GP has your most up to date medical records instantly.  Paper medical records can take some weeks to reach your new GP.  The Roxton Practice has utilised this method of transferring electronic patient records for some time now and sends/receives all patient medical records in this manner.

Patient Access to Records

Practices are required to promote and offer the facility for patients to view online, export or print any summary of information from their records relating to the medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any other items/date such as ‘additional’ record elements which has been agreed between the surgery and the patient.

The Roxton Practice shall be making this facility available from 1st January 2015.  All patients registered for online services will automatically have access to this facility.  Patients wishing to take advantage of this facility will need to visit reception to register with a current form of Photo ID.