Here at The Roxton Practice we are very proud of our community work in Immingham and surrounding villages. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have helped and continue to help fundraise, we value your support and commitment.

St Andrew's Hospice Coffee Shop

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who work at a Coffee Shop in aid of St Andrews Hospice located within the Health Centre. A staggering £72,000 has been raised in total since we opened in 2004. Many of the Coffee Shop team have been with us since the very beginning. It has proved to be very successful and is a favourite amongst the staff and patients.

It is a very convenient resource for those who are fasting for a blood test as it enables patients to have a bite to eat once they have been seen. This is especially helpful if the patients are from the surrounding rural villages and are limited to bus times for travelling to and from the Surgery.

Our volunteers provide a friendly face and an open ear and patients will often sit and chat with the Coffee Shop staff regularly.

Patient Participation Group

We have a team of patients who voluntarily assist other patients in accessing information regarding the Practice and gaining knowledge about the services offered by The Health Centre.

The lead member Mrs Jean Keyworth is regularly seen in the waiting room offering help and demonstrating new and exciting things in the practice such as the touchscreen booking in system and the soon to be operational Self Service Health Check Booths.

The Patient Participation Group have assisted with patient surveys in the past and hold regular meetings to discuss up and coming changes within the Practice.

Pink Week - Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October all staff within the Pilgrim Primary Care Centre dress in pink items of clothing be it a neck scarf, a blouse or top to toe wearing pink.

Home made pink cakes are sold every day to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.The Health Centre is also decorated with pink and a pink tree of life is placed in the waiting room for staff and patients to make a donation while writing a message to loved ones which hangs from the tree during the week. Staff look forward to this week and the patients enjoy the refreshing change of colour within the Centre.

Remembrance Day

A Poppy Appeal box is left on our reception desk for patients and staff to purchase a Poppy. Every year all Health Centre staff congregate in the waiting room along with the patients to observe a two minute silence on Remembrance Day at 11:00 am.

Christmas Carol Concert

During the festive season The Health Centre holds an annual Christmas Carol Concert. Staff and voluntary workers gather around the Christmas tree on the bridge above the waiting room and deliver a delightful medley of Christmas Carols.

Santa Clause makes an appearance too, he offers sweets from his basket and even has time in his busy schedule to enjoy a mince pie after the concert. Patients and staff are invited to join Santa in a hot drink and a mince pie, this has proved very popular in previous years.

Roxton Rambles

There have been several sponsored rambles where staff, voluntary workers and patients have raised money for various charities. At the end of the ramble a warm bowl of delicious soup home made by Carol Ranyard greeted the walkers who took part.

Supporting the Homeless

Clothes are often donated by staff members and their families, they are given to the Harbour Place Day Centre in Grimsby to help those in desperate need. Our Site Manager Paul Ranyard makes frequent trips to deliver donated items.

Wellowgate Womens Refuge

In 2012 The Health Centre staff brought in smart skirts and blouses that were donated to the Wellowgate Womens Refuge in Grimsby to provide their residents with a smart outfit that they could wear for job interviews.