Unhappy with your treatment or experience?

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working in this practice, please let us know. You can see our Complaints Policy by following the link below.

Complaints Policy


When you seek help from a healthcare professional it is important to remember that the information that you disclose is treated as confidential. You can view our Confidentiality Policy below.

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Equal Opportunities

The Roxton Practice strives to ensure that patients and staff alike are not subjected to any form of discrimination. You can view our Equal Opportunities Policy by clicking the link below.

Equal Opps Policy

Freedom of Information

You can use this section to view our policy on Freedom of Information requests.

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Privacy Policy

Find out about our policies surrounding your data protection, children's healthcare, transparency in practice and the updated Supplementary Privacy Notice surrounding your SCR and the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Zero Tolerance

We operate a Zero Tolerance Policy towards all forms of abuse. We understand that patients can become distressed due to ill health, however we will never tolerate threats towards our staff or other patients. To read more about our policy please click below.

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Caldicott Guardian

The Roxton Practice's Caldicott Guardian is Dr Anne Spalding.

A Caldicott Guardian is a senior person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of people’s health and care information and making sure it is used properly.

All NHS organisations and local authorities which provide social services must have a Caldicott Guardian.

Data Protection Officer

The General Practice has appointed Barry Jackson to be their Data Protection Officer. The service is provided through a company called N3i.

The contact details for the DPO are:
Barry Jackson Head of Information Governance
N3i, The View, Bridgehead Business Park, HU13 0GD

For queries and urgent responses contact through N3i service desk:
Phone: 0300 002 0001
Email: dpo@n3i.co.uk

Accessibility Of Information

Our commitment to making information accessible - We are committed to making sure that people can access and understand the information we provide and that they can communicate with us in ways which meet their needs.

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