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Patients are now able to submit requests for

  • Prescription requests (repeat or regular requests)
  • Med3 Fit Notes (ongoing)
  • Queries relating to a referral that has already been sent by our Medical Secretary Team

Additional times of the day.


These features on our AskMyGp Service enables for patients to to make requests after the closing time which is 9:30am. Patients are able to submit requests for MED3’s and Referral queries from 10am until 6:30pm. Patients are able to submit prescription requests from 7:30am until 9:30am and then again from 5pm until 6:30pm.


We hope to be able to add more new features on the AskMGp Service in the future!

Click here to head to AskMyGp


In the last 5 years we have recruited 18 doctors, we have expanded our entire workforce from 127 to 154.

 Our Teams
Urgent Care Nursing Team
Pharmacists Team
Nurse General Team
Health Care Assistant Team
Care Navigator Team
Care Co-Ordinator Team
Pharmacy Technician Team
LTC Team
Medical Secretary Team
Dispensary Team
Administration Team
Meridian Community Team

Are you interested in working with one of our Teams at the Roxton Practice? Check out our Vacancies by heading on the link below

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PPG Development

The Patient Participation Group (PPG), act as a liaison between the Practice and its patients. They are an advisory group of members, who work voluntarily with the practice, acting as ‘critical friends’ to help us improve services for the patient population.  The group is required to help ensure that the Practice provides high quality care that meets the needs of our patients and carers; and to ensure that they put patients, and improving health, at the heart of everything it does. The PPG is a group of patient representatives that want to help the surgery to work as well as it can for patients, doctors and staff.


We work and liaise closely with PPG to be able to continue improving patient care within the Practice!


Social Media

You can find us on both Facebook and Twitter and Instagram in which we provide daily/weekly updates of information and advice!

Our Social Media Pages are monitored daily in which important updates will also be posted on all three platforms.


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Walk-In Blood Clinic

We have commenced our walk-in blood clinics again!

The Walk-In Blood Clinic will be open at both our Immingham and Weelsby View Sites.

Opening Times

Immingham Site
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
9am until 12pm
Weelsby View Site
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9am until 12pm

If you are attending for an Outpatient blood test, please ensure you have a blood form from your Consultant / The Hospital before attending the Walk-In Clinic. If this blood test has been requested by a clinician at the Practice, you do not require a form.

Extended Access Clinics


We also provide ‘extended access clinics’ which provide extra capacity for available appointments with GP’s, Nurses and Health Care Assistants. These will be run when we have the capacity and will run either after usual working hours (6.30pm) and on Saturdays.


These appointments will be offered for non-urgent / routine appointments. GP appointments will initially be booked as a telephone consultation.


If you would like to know more information about Extended Access Clinics or look into pre-booking an appointment in this clinic, please speak with a Care Navigator by either submitting a request via AskMyGP, or directly calling us on 01469 572058.


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