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You can get help online for all problems whether that be a simple medication query or a request to see one of our clinical team. Simply tell us what the problem is and one of our clinicians will be in touch within a matter of hours. Please note that you must contact the surgery via askmyGP on the same day in which you wish to be seen!

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Do you need to see a GP?

You may not need to speak to a doctor or nurse to get help. You can now search for symptoms and concerns via askmyGP by using the "Quick self-help" option. If you aren't satisfied with your results, click "Consult your GP" to speak to a clinician.

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Order a prescription online

We understand how important it is to receive your repeat medications on time. You can order your prescription in a number of ways. Please click below to find out more.

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The Roxton Practice no longer allow online booking for appointments through SystmOnline. Please use askmyGP to book appointments.

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Complete your own online health review

You can use the Self-care Portal to complete a number of planned health reviews online. For example, the following reviews can be done online

• Contraception review
• Hypertension annual review
• Make a treatment decision (statins)

Self-Care Portal

Refer yourself for Mental Health Support

Did you know that you can refer yourself to some specialist Mental Health services without seeing your GP? If you are unsure or feel that you would prefer to discuss your concerns with a GP first, you can book an appointment to see one of doctors instead.

Support Services

We see a lot of patients wait weeks for an appointment who could have got help more quickly by going online. Click on the online services tab and see if we can help you online.

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